Micro-Clean Certification Services’ commitment to providing the most up-to-date standards and information available is clearly seen in our ASHRAE 110 department. Our presence on the ASHRAE 110 committee allows us to bring field experience to ASHRAE 110 standard updates. In turn, this guarantees the best possible protection for our clients, backed by our experience.

Micro-Clean Certification Services technicians are specialists in ASHRAE 110 performance testing. We employ a series of qualitative smoke studies and quantitative tracer gas tests to determine leakage rates that may not be detected by face velocity tests alone.

Just some of the tests involved in Micro-Clean Certification Services tracer gas testing of laboratory chemical hoods are:

  • Room Ventilation Tests
  • Face Velocity Profiles
  • Flow Visualization Smoke Tests
  • Tracer Gas Containment Tests

Micro-Clean Certification Services can also offer other services in the tracer gas field of study, including:

  • Tracer gas studies on containment devices
  • Tracer gas testing of exhaust ductwork for re-entrainment studies
  • Troubleshoot containment issues of laboratory chemical hoods