Testing to assure the high quality of compressed gas utility systems, such as compressed air, nitrogen, breathing air and other gases is essential for assuring product quality and meeting regulations. We provide the following compressed air line testing and compressed gas line testing analysis:

Non-viable Particle Count
A MetOne Laser Particle Counter is hooked up to the compressed air line and counts of the non-viable particles are obtained instantly.
particle counter
Viable Organism Testing (Slit to Agar)
Impactor is used with microbiology medium collection surface directly below the slit. High velocities through the slit allow air to deflect away from the collection plate, with particles impacting upon the agar surface of the sampling plate. Agar plate is then sent out for analysis to Microbiological Environments.
Oil Testing
An oil testing Drager tube is hooked up to the compressed air line and with a prolonged time of running the air into the tube, oil level is obtained visually after the mixing of the sulfuric acid inside the Drager tube with the oil.
Dew Point/Water Testing
Water levels are obtained by connecting a calibrated hygrometer to a compressed air line. Measurements can be taken instantaneously.

Results and Documentation: Alert and Action levels could be calculated by a variety of statistical methods using Clients’ historical data and regulatory guidelines. Sampled analysis can also be customized to fit your needs. Recovered organisms are categorized giving information needed to realize possible contamination source; organisms can also be identified to genus or species. Data Analysis is completed in a timely fashion and immediate notification of exceeded concern levels is imperative for a compliant program. Routine environmental status reports and trend analysis are completed and reviewed by GMP qualified personnel. Micro-Clean Certification Services can also assist in providing required SOPs and protocols for Environmental Monitoring programs including responses to exceeded Concern Levels. Our in-house, state of the art training facility provides our technicians with GMP training, this program is also available to our clients. Our monitoring packages provide consistent, reliable, independent and reproducible protocol executions.