With the successful completion of more than 100 large-scale decontamination projects, Micro-Clean Certification Services offers a proven complete solution for your cleanroom, critical environment, and equipment decontamination needs.

VaproxMicro-Clean Certification Services utilizes a proprietary VHP® process technology for decontamination.  The low temperature hydrogen peroxide vapor is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial.  This dry vapor does not condense on surfaces, enabling excellent compatibility with sensitive materials including electronic equipment, HEPA filters, and painted surfaces.  VHP is also an environmentally friendly choice with residue-free byproducts water vapor and oxygen. Chloride Dioxide decontamination is also available.

A Customer specific “Decontamination Setup Document” is developed prior to performing a room or specialty space decontamination. This is a combined instruction set and survey, with over 60 questions, covering all aspects of the process, from start to finish, so you know exactly what, when, where, and how all functions will be performed. SOP’s are written to conform to best practices, available through NSF International, the EPA and our own decontamination specific procedures. A listing of our decontamination SOP’s is available to Customers upon request.


Our decontamination services include:

  • Contamination Consultation for biologically sensitive or controlled environment areas;
  • Surface Decontamination of equipment, laboratories, and duct work from biologically and chemically active residuals;
  • Room Decontaminations from all viables, including bacterial spores;
  • Mold Remediation within biologically sensitive areas;
  • Biological Safety Cabinet Decontaminations utilizing VPH chlorine dioxide;
  • Incubator Decontaminations using Micro-Clean Certification Services four-type process;
  • Other Equipment Decontamination utilizing formaldehyde, chlorine dioxide or one of multiple liquid disinfectants and sterilants.