A key resource of Micro-Clean Certification Services is our ability to perform prompt clean room and critical environment service and repair support to our Customers. This includes diagnosing, troubleshooting and repairs of various HEPA filter and containment devices, such as Biological Safety Cabinets and Laminar Flow Clean Benches. Our goal is to keep customer downtime as low as possible.

Micro-Clean Certification Services has the manpower, technical support, knowledge, and resources to provide the fast response that our customers need and expect.


Micro-Clean Certification Services is probably the only certification provider in the U.S. that has near-immediate access and availability to almost every HEPA filter size and style used in biological safety cabinets and laminar flow clean benches in operation today. We also maintain a bench-stock of commonly used speed controls, motors, capacitors, fluorescent and ultraviolet lamps, switches and fuses.

Cleanroom Training
Part of our cleanroom certification technician training (initial and on-going) includes the identification of equipment problems (electrical, mechanical, airflow and filter loading/starvation) and the proper resolutions needed to rectify the situation. We invite various Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) and Laminar Flow Clean Benches (LFCB) manufacturers to our facility to train our cleanroom certification technicians on new cleanroom and critical environment equipment and also any special troubleshooting or repairs.


We maintain very close communication ties with most major manufacturers to provide both warranty and non-warranty repairs to our Customer’s cleanroom and critical environment equipment.