Laboratory Ventilation Management Program: The Micro-Clean Certification Services’ Laboratory Ventilation Management Program is set up to accommodate any budget. We can perform the ASHRAE 110 Test on all units annually or only a percentage of hoods each year, performing an airflow velocity profile on the remaining units. Our experienced technicians can also provide remediation on failed units, including air balancing issues.

Performance Evaluation of Hoods and Spaces:

  • Crossdraft Evaluation
  • Airflow Velocity Profile
  • Visual Representation of Airflow
  • Containment Studies Utilizing a Tracer Gas

Laboratory Ventilation Management Includes:

  • Basic & ASHRAE 110 Cyclic Testing
  • Quantitative Data on Containment performance of Space
  • Quantitative Data on Containment performance of Chemical Hood
  • Data Analysis and Report Generation
  • NEBB Air Balancing

Client Benefits:

  • Safety, Safety, Safety
  • Convenience (One Company to Test and Balance)
  • Compliance with key standards (AIHA Z9.5) & recommended practices (SEFA 1-2002)
  • Employee incidents due to over-exposure are reduced.

Systems Tested and Certified:

  • Laboratory Chemical Hoods
  • Low Flow Chemical HoodsAir Handlers
  • Gloveboxes
  • Ducted BSC’s
  • Exhaust Stacks (Re-entrainment)
  • Negative Pressure Devices
  • Compressed Air/Gas Lines

During the past few years, it has become increasingly clear that the practice of simply placing a Laboratory Chemical Hood (formerly called a “Chemical Fume Hood”) into a room and adjusting the face velocity to a magical number is no longer adequate. We are commonly called on to look at laboratory ventilation in a much more responsible manner. Recent litigation has made it dangerous not to take our responsibilities seriously. The cornerstone of these programs is a good understanding of relevant industry standards and guidelines including; ASHRAE 110-1995, ANSI/AIHA Z9.5-2003, and SEFA 1-2002.

Micro-Clean Certification Services offers classes at our facility in Bethlehem, PA. We anticipate representatives of the Safety, Engineering, and Maintenance departments will benefit from this classes. Ideally, we would get representatives of multiple sites and organizations that use this equipment to attend. Interaction with your peer groups would help you form strategies to deal with the new challenges. Our training facility is well suited for this purpose.

We will include both hands-on demonstration and lectures covering overall strategy and industry standards.

  • Laboratory Chemical Hood overview
  • Current Standards
  • Laboratory Ventilation Management program
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Airflow Testing
  • ASHRAE Testing – general tests
  • ASHRAE Testing – site assessment tests

Please go to Customer Seminar and Training Page to view our current classes.Please fill out the Customer Registration Form promptly to confirm your interest in a class. Our intent is to limit classes to the first 20 respondents to keep the day as interactive as possible.