Training Customers & Employees

Micro-Clean Certification Services has a strong commitment to providing top-level industry training for its employees and Customers. As affirmation to this commitment, Micro-Clean is very proud to present our state-of-the-art training facility located in Bethlehem, PA. This facility includes a classroom style auditorium and specially designed, hands-on Tech Center and Development areas.

We use our training areas to provide a comprehensive training program for all field personnel, which encompasses a multi-disciplined curriculum combined with three to six months supervised field apprenticeships and recurring follow-up training.

Micro-Clean Certification Services’ training areas are also utilized as an NSF proctor site and to provide customers with complete, user defined training programs.

Micro-Clean's AuditoriumOur Auditorium can accommodate up to 100 people in a “school” style layout. The auditorium is equipped with audio/visual equipment to assist with many different formats of training delivery (e.g. PowerPoint, DVD’s, video). The auditorium space is flexible and allows various configurations for one large group, multiple smaller groups, and an assortment of layout styles.

The Tech Center contains a cross section of industry relatedMicro-Clean's Training Center equipment and areas. Included in this area are biological safety cabinets, laminar flow and containment devices some of which are ducted to simulate actual field conditions. A Class 100 (ISO Class 5) unidirectional cleanroom, Class 10,000 (ISO Class 7) cleanroom, Class 100,000 (ISO Class 8) ante room complemented by a conditioning air handling unit at the mezzanine level which provides “hands-on” training of cleanrooms used for aseptic processing, or other pharmaceutical/biotechnology applications.

Micro-Clean's Development AreaThe Development area is a separate area used to conduct laboratory chemical hood testing as well as ASHRAE 110 performance testing. This area also incorporates a dedicated containment suite for paraformaldehyde decontamination training for BSC, incubator, animal isolator, and space decontamination

Our extensive library is well stocked with industry publications, safety and technical references, manufacturer’s publications, and multimedia training aids.