Cleanroom Filters and Supplies Cleanroom Filters & Supplies (CFS) is a national warehousing and distribution network. CFS’ goal is to help your organization maintain an effective and sterile environment by supplying you with filters and cleanroom components necessary for your day to day operations. Whether your organization is a hospital, pharmaceutical company, or laboratory, CFS has the ability to provide all of the products you need. They are a company with extensive knowledge and experience in the cleanroom components field. CFS specializes in HEPA and ASHRAE filters, but their warehouse is filled with any cleanroom component you may need. Their sales representatives boast over 50 years of experience and will provide you with superior service.Cleanroom Filters and Supplies

To review the full scope of services and products that CFS can provide, call toll free:1-800-334-9142. Or visit their website:


HEPA; diffusers; rigid; filters